The 404 Eurosquad was founded by Tanja Ecker and brings together 404 paddlers from Europe. The main focus is on the team spirit, providing support and exchanging with each other. Meetings for paddling and spending time together are organized. In addition, the team members of the 404 Eurosquad offer their boards for testing in their home town.

Tessa Heyde – Ins Blaue SUP

My Name is Tessa Heyde, born September 10th 1985 and I live in northern Germany.

I started Stand Up Paddling 2012 at the north sea island Sylt and I am hooked ever since. So much, that I started 2014 my own SUP-School „INS BLAUE“ in my hometown Bremen. 

Being outdoors, gliding on the water and sharing this awesome sport with others – from young to old, from rookie to advanced paddlers – is the best I can imagine. 

Getting to know Tanja Ecker at a SUP camp this spring and being introduced to 404 boards opened up a new dimension of stand up paddling for me: the 404 JUMP 14′ x 23′′ is such great fun, I love to use it for training and touring and even tough im am not really into racing, this board could defiantly be a reason to start with it 😉 

Spot: Bremen, Germany | Board: 404 Jump 14″ x 23,5″ | Paddle: Hippostick Triple G Exp

Mark Salter

Hi, my name is Mark Salter and I’m a paddleboard racer, living in Nottingham UK. SUP racing is a big part of my life and my daily routine, training 250-400km per month. I’ve won many races at different distances – from Sprints, Middle distance, Technical to Ultra Long Distance. I’m a previous GB Sup National Champion but I now focus solely on longer races and perform very well in that discipline.

This year my races include: The Paddle Skedaddle 27km (won 1st place in May on my 404 Jump 22), The Norfolk Broads Ultra 78km, Chattajack USA 52km and the SUP 11 City Tour non-stop 205km.

In April 2023, I broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest crossing of Loch Ness by paddleboard (record currently being processed by Guinness).

Our club in Nottingham teaches hundreds of paddlers to become safe, competent, efficient and fast SUP enthusiasts. I hope to see you on the water at an event soon 🙂

Spot: Nottingham, England | Board: 404 Jump 14″ x 22″

Julia Georgi

My name is Julia Georgi and my birthday is the 26th of March. I live in Germany and started SUP in summer 2018 and am hooked up ever since.

My homespot is the Maschsee in Hannover but I definitely favour paddling on the ocean/sea.

SUP is the perfect activity for me, the calming effect of being on the water helps me relax after a stressful day at work and I get to work out at the same time. And I love the versatility of it, either alone or with others, competitive or relaxed, flatwater or open ocean – there are just so many possibilities.

My biggest success so far related to racing, was coming in 4th at the long-distance open ocean race at the German Championships on Fehmarn in 2021 and finishing the SUP 11-City Tour in 2022.

Spot: Hannover, Germany | Board: 404 Jump 14″ x 22″ | Paddle: Hippostick Triple G Pro & Exp

Katharina Kiecksee

My name is Katharina Kiecksee, my birthday is the 06/19/1987 and I live in Hannover, Germany.

At first, I started stand up paddling just to try something new besides my other sports (running, volleyball) during the first lockdown in 2020. I immediately got addicted to it and only 1,5 years later I got myself the wonderful 404 Jump 22’’. 

What I love about SUP is the feeling of freedom on the water and the various possibilities: a relaxed tour, exciting races, exhausting but mind-refreshing trainings, calming down paddling on my own or enjoying the company of my SUP-buddies. 

What I also love about SUP is the great community. In the last few months, I’ve met so many lovely and interesting people. It’s crazy and exciting. Wouldn’t want to miss it anymore. And with a little push from my newly met friends, I dared to participate in my first open ocean races in 2021 and crossed safely and happy the finish line. In 2022 I finished the SUP 11-City Tour, my biggest success so far and I bet there are many more to come. I can’t wait for it.

Spot: Hannover, Germany | Board: 404 Jump 14″ x 22″ | Paddle: Hippostick Triple G Pro

Michael Karst (Karsti)

I’m the trainer of a kids team called SuperSUP Race Teamwhere, beside others, Jojo & Kai are in.

I love to help and see kids developing and having fun doing sport and I also introduce newbies in our sport to make their first paddle-strokes at a nice little paddle station in southern Germany/ Bavaria.

Paddling in different kinds of conditions, from flatwater to moderate waves but also touring on rivers and paddling long distance races is very delightful for me. 

And… I love my 404 Jump 14 x 24

Spot: Gaimersheim, Germany | Board: 404 Jump 14″ x 24″ | Paddle: Hippostick AL Exp

Sandra Hinkel

My name is Sandra Hinkel, born 30.09.1981 and living in Königswinter Germany

My paddel journey startet like my husband Thomas in  2014 by supporting Jörg Bossak at the SUP 11 City Race in the netherlands, without knowing what SUP actually is. I wanted  to buy a Classic netherlands bike and came back from this trip with two 25kg hardboards, so my husband and me started with SUP. A member of our canoe-club introduced me how to paddle.

Not knowing how it works, I started racing in the local and german championships. 

What my love to SUP forces, is the wonderful family-feeling, what I could see at the SUP 11-City Tour. I paddled the whole tour in 2020 and one night part in 2021. The friendships I  made at the 11 cities but also at other SUP events are so precious, I don‘t wanna miss and like to grow. For me SUP means: friends and family over the whole planet.

Spot: Königswinter, Germany | Board: 404 Jump 14″ x 22″ | Paddle: Hippostick Triple G Pro

Thomas Hinkel

My name is Thomas Hinkel, born 106/17/1973 and living in Königswinter Germany.

My paddle journey started in 2014 by supporting one of my best friends (Jörg Bossak) at the SUP 11 City Race in the Netherlands, without knowing what SUP is. Returning from there with two 25kg hardboards, my wife Sandra and I started. Thanks to many friends showing me how to do it, I tried to manage some races. I didn’t know what I’m doing there… From 2019 until now some third places in my age group at local and German Championships. But for me the most valuable achievement was to finish the SUP 11-City Tour in 2020, which has a spirit that is like a big family-feeling on and off the water. That’s why I love SUP. In addition Ii was able to get a few podium places at German championships in 2021 and 2022 in my age group.

Spot: Königswinter, Germany | Board: 404 Jump 14″ x 24″

Dorothee Deiss

My name is Dorothee Deiss, born May 8th 1961 and I live in Berlin.

I love SUP, as it is the perfect sport to train the whole body in different intensities and at the same time the opportunity to spend the whole year on the water and in nature, to relax and let go. I can also be part of a wonderful, inspiring, crazy, motivating and supporting community. And I am in love with the 404 Jump 12’6 × 23 ″ and Hippostick Triple G. 2022 I participated in SUP 11X, a wonderful 5-day-experience during which I got to know myself and my team mates pretty well. I am looking forward to upcoming challenges with my 404 and all my SUP friends.

Spot: Berlin, Germany | Board: 404 Jump 12″6 x 23.5″ | Paddle: Hippostick Triple G Exp