• One of the most versatile boards on the market
  • Flatwater to Allwater Board
  • Suitable for almost all conditions
  • Ideal for medium to long distances
  • Easy to keep up the speed and great stability
  • Durable, lightwight and ecofriendly production

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The winning board – Fast and stable! Actually developed as a pure flatwater board, the Jump also works great in choppy, wavy and windy conditions. Especially against the wind or with crosswind the board plays out its class. The Jump is one of the most versatile boards on the market. The 404 teamriders already won big international titles with the Jump, such as the Carolina Cup (Danny Ching & April Zilg), Sprint World Champion Title (April Zilg), APP Champion (April Zilg) and the SUP 11-City Tour (Tanja Ecker).

The first feature most paddlers notice on the JUMP,  is the precisely placed concave.  This feature reduces belly drag and encourages planning during acceleration.  This allows for a very smooth, very fast, and very stable sprint.  Hard rails under the standing area and strategically placed Tail Rocker allow the JUMP to have increased stability when racing at high speeds without creating the normal excess tail drag most boards encounter during the natural pitch caused by acceleration.  The sharp nose entry on the hull combined with increased reserve buoyancy above the waterline makes for a clean and efficient entry and still allow the board to rise up and over small waves with ease (JUMP).  Unlike most other race boards, we have designed in the Raised tail Platform to prevent water from back filling into the cockpit during normal step back buoy turns.  Staying dry and accelerating quickly is one of the reasons the Jump has been so dominant in long distance and technical races.
  • Narrow nose entry at water line and increased reserve buoyancy help the Jump easily rise up and over waves without losing speed or momentum.
  • Harder rails at the tall feel more forgiving in side–chop and creates a more Stable release.
  • A refined standing cockpit with more dug-out rails helps utilize the full width to give you more standing stability and  easier rail control
  • Redesigned center drainage system gives you 50% faster drainage speed


The Molded Carbon Sandwich Technology combines the superior strength and stiffness properties of carbon fiber and PVC foam with molding technology.  Using this technology we can create race boards with increased volumes that weigh about 25 lbs.  Most of our race boards are Molded Carbon Sandwich Technology, which allow us to create race boards between 250 liter and 300 liters of volume, that are approximately 11,3 kg and under. The 22″ is aprox. 9,5 kg.



While developing the measurement for rider volume displacement, we realized that the true water line for any race board is not only determined by a rider’s size, but also the size of the waves they would be riding in. Therefore we developed race boards that work for different sized riders and different sized waves.
There is a common misconception that total volume is needed to calculate your desired board size. Unfortunately, total board volume alone is a very poor determining factor for board selection.
Instead we calculate your Rider volume displacement and predict water conditions to accurately show a board’s true water line. Using your boards true water line and your experience level, we can accurately suggest different sizes and models that will provide maximum efficiency for you and the paddling condition. If a rider is under the suggested rider volume displacement, then the board hull will still perform at maximum efficiency.  However, if a rider or water conditions exceed the predicted size, then they will not be riding the true waterline, and the hull design will not be used to its maximum potential.  At 404, we are the first and currently only board company to suggest a board model and width based on your Rider Volume Displacement, measured skill level and predicted water conditions.  We calculate your Rider volume displacement to accurately show a board’s true water line when riding. Using computer simulation, accounting for the natural pitch and roll of the board based on predicted water conditions (Surf, Flat, Upwind, Downwind), we can accurately determine if the paddler will be riding the designed part of the hull to maximum efficiency. This information is what is used to determine a rider’s optimal suggested Board model and Size.
The suggested width of a board is another poor measurement when it comes to board selection.  When selecting a board to ride there are many other factors one should consider. First off, the width measurement of the board is not always taken in the middle of the board and is rarely ever taken in the same place.  Instead, the width is taken wherever the single widest point of the board may be.  Therefore, this measurement tells you very little about the board, its performance, or its stability without several other key factors. Second, most boards do not perform the same at different widths unless careful consideration is put into rider volume displacement, rail transition points, and board rocker locations.  Although wider boards are inherently more stable, it is important to know rider volume displacement in order to properly adjust the hull to perform at maximum efficiency.
Each of our board models come in multiple width options.  Since we design each HULL to function at a particular depth, we do not just widen our boards.  We carefully redesign each width so that the Hull Design works with the board rocker, rail height, and true water line from the rider volume displacement measurement
14’x 22″ 258 LTR

The Narrowest Jump Board. It is used by professional, elite paddlers like Danny Ching, April Zilg, Tanja Ecker, Tommaso Pampinella. This board is ideal for lightweight paddlers and/or advanced skilled paddlers. Recommended weight for this width is under 81 kg.

Recommended Skill levels: Advanced for 72-81 kg, Intermediate for 63-72, Beginner for 63 kg and under

14’x 23.5″ 272 LTR 

Midpoint Jump Board. For added stability. Recommended weight for this width is Under 68-88 kg. Recommended Skill levels: Advanced for 81-88 kg, Intermediate for 72-81 kg, Beginner for 72 kg and under

14’x 25″ 292 LTR 
Widest Jump Board. Recommended weight for this width is Under 95 kg. Recommended Skill levels: Advanced for 81-100 kg, Intermediate for 77-90 kg, Beginner for 81 kg and under

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COLORS | Grey / Green Tail

FEATURES | 2x 404 Handle and Self Regulating Air Vent / 404 Carbon Fin / FCS GoPro compatible plug

Tests, Rentals & Shipment

For test possibilities please send an inquiry. The 404 Eurosquad can provide a board for testing.

For renting a board please send an inquiry. Different models are available.

Shipping costs will be added later after proceding the order. The board can be brought to you for additional costs or shipped with a forwarding company. (Costs aprox. 100-500 €)

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22", 23.5", 25"